SSP Nulon Bathurst

After the awesome event that was Round 1 Motorkhana, the 4 month wait for Round 2 has been unbearable. But for some of the clubs, this was time to get the car modified and prepped for whats ahead. The time off has been used well for the boys from RTDC. Danny and Matt, well their cars are always well prepared, but word is that there may be a few suprises on the cards. Matthew porsche is fresh out of servicing and is back up to full health and full power, lets hope he is ready for the full horsepwer resurgence! Ryans evo 5 has come full circle, its been stripped of a large bit of weight and has had a few secret upgrades completed.

Aside from the cars though; its the location that is unique. Mt Panorama is the stuff made of legends. To be able to say to your mates that your going to be racing on the hallowed turf is one thing, but to then actually get onto the asphalt and take conrod straight at full noise is what dreams are made of. Growing up watching Brock and Perkins, and now Whincup and Lowndes its our opportunity to be like them in our own cars.

Saturday will see a head to head race down conrod straight, through the bend and finishing down at the official finish line. This will test straight line speed and commitment to start with, but then it will also test how well each driver can carry their speed through the last few corners. Sunday will see the true hillclimb side of the event, where one-by-one the drivers will race up mountain straight up and climb up to the top of the mountain. The climb being a great test of power and balance for each and every car.

All of this of course would not be possible without Nulon, and a big debt of gratitude goes to them for continuing to invest in grassroots motorsport. 

Heres to a big weekend! We hope to see you there, and we hope to do our members proud!


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