IMG 0565

The day started off with a buzz! After the unusually large delay between round two and this round, the anticipation and energy was electric amongst all competitors. A little bit of niggle was exchanged and off we went on the pan.

Running side to side for this event the large concrete barrier was a little too close for some peoples comfort, and fortunately everyone drove accordingly. Many of the circuits that were run required continual pirouettes of cones and for those who didn’t have a passenger or it was their first time, they found it very hard to keep to the course.

The full skidpan was donated to us by our lead motorkhana driver Rob Benkovich. Incorporating all aspects of motorkhana car control: weave control, rotation control and of course just general course following skills. Another full pan that started off with a lot of unknowns but after one run all competitors knew what had to be done and things got competitive.IMG 0960

As results show the AWD guys were led once again by Rob Benkovich, this time however Nik Stanyer was right on his heels. Morgan Skelton was up there also in his WRX. This category is going to really come down to the line in round 4!

The FWD group saw Philip East in his Mini Cooper top out the round. It almost seemed like no-one was in his league. Judging by how this category has rotated through winners its anyones guess as to who is leading the table.

In the RWD class the GT86 seems to have been the model of choice, taking out the first few places. Its going to be tough to compete with them but there are a few other skilled drivers in the class who might have something to say in round 4.

All in all it was another great event. Luckily the threatening clouds never unleashed however the breeze had a bit of chill to it. Until Round 4!!IMG 0714