What is the “Interclub”?

With tracks getting harder to book and filling them just as hard, a few different clubs joined together and decided to share their events. Each club hosts a different round and preferential entry is given to the interclub…… clubs. This ultimately helps everyone involved as rather than each club having one or two track days each year, they now have access to 7 and the risk is shared too.

So what’s involved?

The interclub series is just like any other private track day, casual enthusiasts out to set a PB or just hitting the tarmac to have some fun. There will always be some people that will take the day seriously and be out there to push their car to the limit but you could get that at any day.

As the days can be run under either CAMS or AASA it is important to know the difference and to make sure both you and your car a ready for the event. Generally everything you need to know can be found in the Supplementary Regulations.

Reading Supplementary Regulations.

Along with any entry form will be a document call the Supplementary Regulations or Supp Regs. These are the legal documents for motorsport binding you as the competitor to the regulations of the event. Given their legal background they sound very formal and can contain some big words and confusing sentences. Once you know how to read them though, it is very easy to find the information you need to get you ready for an event.

Below are snippets from one of our documents. Remember each club will write them differently so use this as a guide on what to look for.

  • What sort of permit is the event being run under? Remember a CAMS L2S licence can be used at a AASA event but a AASA licence can NOT be used at a CAMS event. A CAMS L2NS cannot be used on the track.


  •        Plan your arrival time so you have enough time to get through the check in process, get your car scrutineered and be at the drivers briefing on time. Remember you will be competing with a lot of other drivers. Plan to arrive as close to Check in time as possible to ensure a stress free morning


  • ·Here you can find the clothing requirements. All track days will require full length sleeves and pants, but be sure to check for any special requirements.


  • ·Car safety is the part that will raise the most questions. Here you will find everything that needs to be on (or off) your car. What stickers do you need? Battery triangle, tow, tape over your glass? Do you need to have a fire extinguisher? CAMS have a book called the Manual of Motorsport that is a great reference guide. http://www.cams.com.au/motor-sport/regulations/cams-manual


  • How will the event be run, what will the groups be like, are there classes? Somewhere there will be a section that will cover how many cars will be in each group and how long the sessions will go for. This will help you understand how much track time you can expect.


Racing Numbers

As part of the interclub group, each person is given a racing number that is theirs for a set period of time, normally 1-2 years. Getting a number is as easy as messaging us and either requesting a specific number or being assigned one. It is your responsability to obtain the number. ebay can be a cheap source or we use Prowraps and Graphics. Proper numbers are not required and you can use tape to create them but we do reccommend them. The only necessity it that they are of a contrasting colour to the body of the car.

Getting your entry in

Now that you know that you and your car comply with the sup regs its time to get your entry in.